eMediplan CHMED16AF Implementation Guide: Mapping

Profiles defined as part of the CH Core Implementation Guide

The following profiles set the minimum expectations to record, search and fetch health data associated with a Patient:

  • Composition MedicationPlan Profile for the Composition Resource of the medication plan.
  • Composition PolyMedicationCheck Profile for the Composition Resource of the Poly Medication Check.
  • Composition Prescription Profile for the Composition Resource of the prescripton.
  • First day of last menstruation Profile on Oberservation for First day of last menstruation
  • Medication Profile on Medication
  • MedicationPlan Profile for medication plan document. The medication plan summarizes the entire, current medication of a patient.
  • MedicationRequest (Prescription) Profile on MedicationRequest for Prescription
  • MedicationStatement (MedicationPlan) Profile on MedicationStatement for MedicationPlan
  • Patient MedicationPlan Profile on Patient for MedicationPlan
  • Patient PolyMedicationCheck or Prescription Profile on Patient (PolyMedicationCheck, Prescription)
  • PolymedicationCheck Profile for poly medication check document. Swiss community pharmacies can offer a Polymedication Check (PMC) to patients on greater or equals four prescribed drugs taken over more then 3 months.
  • Practitioner Profile on Practitioner
  • Premature baby Profile on Oberservation for Premature Baby
  • Prescription A prescription can be structured in a bundle according to the prescription bundle profile.
  • QuestionnaireResponse PolyMedicationCheck Profile for the QuestionnaireResponse Resource of the Poly Medication Check.
  • Risks Profile on Condition for Risks
  • TimeOfGestation Profile on Oberservation for Time of gestation